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Welcome to Our Computer Service is second to none.With highly skilled technicians at your service

  • Over 15 Years in the IT industry.
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  • Very Affordable Rates.
  • Highly Trained & Certified.
  • Free Advice.
  • If we cannot fix it, there is no charge.

Computer Repairs Sydney

Need computer repairs in Sydney? is local service provider for all type Computer and Laptops. Book Online or call us for

  • PC | MACS | Laptops | Servers.
  • Computer Service & Maintenance.
  • Software Troubleshooting.
  • ADSL Modem | Wireless Installation.
  • Networking Setup | Repair.

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Computer Repairs Sydney 

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Welcome to Tiggy Computer Repair! We have 15 years of experience in this IT industry.  CERTIFIED MICROSOFT SYSTEMS ENGINEERS .Tiggy Computer Repair Services can perform all types of computer troubleshooting , upgrade/repair including all Laptop Makes and Models as well as All Mac Computer Models ranging from the Elegant Macbook Air to the Large IMAC, We do it all! Whether it be a simple modem or internet issue, to a complex network or logic board issue Tiggy has your problem covered. We take pride in delivering the best service available and offer all sorts of free advice. If you have just purchased a new computer feel free to call us and ask any question you may have. Even if its just for a recommendation on which brand or model to buy, we will help you. We offer tutorials to help you get started with your new computer. It doesn’t take much to get you in the know and with Tiggy we help you every step of the way. Tiggy holds the expertise in the following services:

  • Computer Desktop and Laptop repairs & upgrades
  • MACBOOK and ALL MAC Services and Repairs
  • Troubleshooting both MACS & PC’s
  • Advance Data Recovery including electrical/mechanical faults
  • All Software Problems Fixed!
  • Wired & Wireless Networking
  • Making Slow Computer GO FASTER!
  • Setup of IP Cameras for home or business security
  • Perform general maintenance and cleanups
  • Provide Onsite Tuition
  • Also offer a “Teach you the basics course”. Call for Details!
  • Website Design and also offer a DIY ” How to Build Yourself A Computer”
  • Email and Software Woes FIXED!


I offer 3 types of services.

1. Full Computer-Laptop-Mac Repair service, which involves a mobile consultation, diagnosis, PC | Laptop | Mac repair performed either
onsite or at the workshop returned to the client asap. Min hourly charge is applicable if a client does not proceed with the repair recommendations and/or parts required to effect a repair.

2. Budget Computer-Laptop-Mac repair service, which caters to those who would like to do a bit more leg work. You deliver, i diagnose and fix, you pickup. This will include all the benefits of a full service without the onsite consultation fee added. This is only
available if you proceed with the repair. Those that decide against a repair will be charged a diagnosis fee currently 50% less than the full service consultation.

3. Student Computer-Laptop-Mac repairs Service, those who are really on a tight budget and can prove they are students current valid
ID required and the laptop , desktop computer or macbook is owned by the client.

You deliver, i diagnose and fix ( using the cheapest possible way, which may include not installing drivers, no data backup, no updates , no antivirus , using second hand parts if required etc… with the main aim of making the computer , laptop or mac work albeit with minimum functionality as cheaply as possible. This is not my preferred method, but if price is all that matters and you are a student then this is for you. No diagnosis fee is payable provided that pickup is made the same day ( normal business hours) should you decide against a repair. An overnight storage fee will be applicable.

There are many ways to have your computer repaired at a discount and somewhat cheaper and more affordable than the going market rate.
The basic rule is … the more you do the cheaper it will be to fix… a simple delivery and pickup is an easy way to save money. There are discount or cheap computer technicians in the marketplace but not as many as most would like. Its most important to realise that you also want peace of mind when handing over your precious laptop, mac or desktop computer. I am certified so thats already a step in the right direction. I will always try and do my best and regardless of the services you choose you will be pleased to know
that all care is taken when performing cheap or budget computer repairs anywhere in sydney.

Data Recovery Services are charged at market rate. Services start at $250 and go up from there! It can reach into the many thousands of dollars depending on urgency, extent of damage and difficulty of repair including hard to locate chips and pcb boards.

Money can be saved by providing me with a spare new or used external drive to copy the recovered data to. I take no responsibilty of the condition of the spare drive supplied. There have been instances where the supplied drive failed during data transfer requiring a
replacement to be requested. This will be the owners responsibilty.

I appreciate that everyone has private data on their computer and if a cheap, budget or affordable data recovery service is requested all full service attention will be provided. Privacy is of paramount important and no matter how big or small the capacity of the hardrive is, every attention to detail will be observed.


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tiggy mobile computer repairs  tiggy mobile computer repairs

tiggy mobile computer repairs  tiggy mobile computer repairs