We Provide Computer Repair Services in the following Inner-West areas of Sydney

A slow, crashing and freezing computer can be very distressing to work with. This is why Tiggy Computer Repairs in the Inner West Sydney is dedicated to offering unparalleled computer repair services and support to all clients faced with different computer problems. We provide same day onsite computer repairs and other related services. We service all computer and laptop brands regardless of the manufacturer or the extent of the problem. This is why Computer Repairs Inner West Sydney has remained a one-stop shop destination for all clients seeking for reliable computer services.

We provide a full spectrum of computer repair and other related services. Among the services we provide include;

  •  Free computer recycling services. This involves taking apart computers and re-using them to conserve the resources and data that are stored. Those that can’t be re-used can be disposed of through our computer recycling program.
  • iMac and Mac book Support services.
  • Computer Hardware solutions, support, and upgrades. In the case of hardware repair or replacement, we have an experienced team of IT experts who can do it excellently.
  • Wireless networking services for all computers based on the needs of client’s business or organization. This includes Modem, ADSL Cable, and Router and Wi-Fi. We also troubleshoot connection problems and even set new network systems.
  • Virus protection and removal. We diagnose and remove all types viruses such as Trojan Horse, worms, and other virus attacks
  • We also speed up slow internet computer systems, resolve computers that can’t boot, crashed or is frozen.
  • We also upgrade antivirus software regardless of the type of the antivirus software to improve the level of protection in a computer or system of computers.
  • We install and update all missing device drivers and other USB connection problems in a computer
  • We also offer reinstallation of new programs, change setting and files in a computer and much more to conform to the needs of our customers.
  • Removal of bloatware and malware attack in a computer or system of computers. It is true that viruses, phishing attacks, spyware, and malware have become a common threat to most computer systems around the world. We will install a robust computer protection system to curb such risks.
  • In the case of purchase of new computer system, Computer Inner West Sydney offers the necessary assistance to customers seeking to buy new and reliable computers. We also aid clients in the transfer of data from the old computer to the new one.
  • We install and upgrade operating systems in a computer.
  • Moreover, we also offer training services for the use of laptop computers desktops, tablets digital cameras, printers, and much more computer related training services.
  • Data recovery and data retrieval after a hardware damage or virus attack in a computer system. If a computer is filled with important documents, email messages or photos or any other critical files, then we assure our clients of safe recovery of all these documents. We ensure that such issues never happen again in future.
  • Memory and hardware upgrades and much more.

Why Choose Tiggy Computer Repair in the Inner West Sydney as your trusted computer repair gurus?

  • We provide same-day and prompt services to all clients.
  • We are equipped with skilled and highly experienced A+ and OEM certified IT specialists that understand how to go about with various types of computer issues. Besides, they are very friendly and east to approach and work with.
  • Our prices are very competitive. In fact, our customers can save a substantial amount of money by hiring our budget friendly computer repair and other related services.
  • We are highly flexible, and we can schedule our services to match with the needs of our customers. There is no need for appointments, and all walk-ins are welcome.
  • We service any kind or brand of computer system regardless of the manufacturer whether ASUS, Acer, Apple, Dell, Toshiba, Gateway, Compaq, Fujitsu, Lenovo, Sony, eMachines or any other computer brand.
  • Each of the repairs we offer come with a full diagnostic, virus scan, wipe, and part installation service. This means we go an extra mile in ensuring proper functioning of all computer systems we service.
  • Our decades of experience have enabled us to grab sufficient skills in handling any computer system problem.
  • We ensure that all our clients understand what is being offered to them. This means techno-babble will not swamp them.

Finding a computer repair is a task finding a reliable computer repair is another. At Tiggy Computer Repair in the Inner West of Sydney, we believe in doing the right repair and computer service for our customers at the right time and budget. Contact us at Tiggy Computer Repairs for unmatched computer related services.