At Computer Services in Glenwood, We know how much stress computers can cause you, especially when they encounter technical problems or even stop working all together. That is why we are always on hand to assist you with your computer repair needs whether you visit us physically or call us.  We have a variety of specialist engineers who are highly qualified in terms of skills and experience to repair your PC or laptop with a lot of effectiveness.


Friendly and Skillful Staff

Our helpful and friendly OEM and A+ Certified experts have successfully repaired a lot of computers and yours will receive the same perfect and timely repair at an admirable price. Appointment is not necessary as you can walk in with your troubled computer and walk out with it fixed within a few minutes or hours, depending on the technicality of the problem.


Computer Services Glenwood provide fast and affordable solutions to its residential clients. Besides visiting our stores, you can also receive our computer repair services at your location. All you need to do is call us with an address and we will be right there on time. We can fix your computers for you in your office or home any time so long as you reside in the Glenwood or its surrounding areas, and it is often done the same day you call us. 


A Variety of Services

We handle both hardware and software issues. Whether it involves replacing faulty RAM, cracked screen, a malfunctioning motherboard, troubleshooting or data backup and recovery, we are always pleased to be at your service. At Computer Services Glenwood, we service and repair most major computer brands regardless of when the device was purchased. This means that whether your computer is new or old, it will be repaired. Here are some other services that your computer can receive from us;

-Troubleshooting and repair

-Devices under warranty

-Wireless networking

-Antivirus and internet security solutions

-Upgrading of hardware

-Office computer set up


Competitive Prices

Pricing of repair is usually based on the brand of the device, the extent of damage and the cost of replaced parts. Our prices are highly competitive and reasonable. If we realize that it won’t be cost effective to repair your device, we will let you know and advise you accordingly.

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